WYSA would like to thank our Judges and all entrants to the Awards.

Lynne Chapman, Artist, Illustrator and Author.

Keith Brassington, Architect.

David J Smith, Architect, President of the WYSA, Chair of the Panel.

We would like to thank Architecture 519 for hosting the judging event.


The Denis Mason Jones Freehand Sketching Awards are intended to encourage the freehand sketching of buildings, urban spaces, interiors and details. It was noted that Denis’s work is unique and his gift was more than just depicting a building. In many cases, his work demonstrated an understanding of the context for building and human activities.

The judges were in common agreement that the submissions were of a high standard showing energy and enthusiasm. There was an interesting range of buildings and locations, many studies were shown in context with a good selection of building details. The Judges made awards within the individual group submissions but there was some disappointment that the profession was poorly represented this year. Several entries had to be disregarded because the entry criteria had been ignored in the submission.

Judges considered: representation and communication of the subject matter; proof of skill; evidence of creativity and uniqueness; emotion or inherent meaning and joy and enjoyment.

Submission Groups

University of Huddersfield

These entries were of a consistently high standard with a mix of buildings and subject studies depicting the objects and the places. There was evidence of a high degree of engagement and enjoyment coupled with a high level of precise delineation.


Halim Zillul,

The winner demonstrated excellent composition for the building and spaces around it, the sense of Place and the memory of space comes out of drawing, although heavy in places it was not overworked.

Samantha Newman,

The judges enjoyed the fresh feel to the sketch, the way the line of shape was formed by ink wash and how the sketcher was not worried by messy edges. It conjured up the feel of the building.


All the other submissions are awarded a Merit

University of Sheffield

These entries demonstrated a variety of styles, professional level technical skills and artistic skills, in some cases pushing the boundaries with modern interpretations.


Nikola Yamev,

The judges enjoyed the tremendous 3D quality without loosing the freshness of this well observed architectural sketch.


Bochen Lu,

Corner of Sheffield Town Hall,

The sketch captured the shape and pattern of the building although there were some depth issues in the shading.

Sam Milward,

Information Commons, University of Sheffield,

This was a beautiful render with excellent shape and shade giving form and weight to the drawing, bit let down by some close detail and lacking some context,.

Special Mention,

Adam Tarasewicz,

The Spire of Cubes, Sheffield.

The judges liked the challenging technique used to render the feel of the building and the originality of the approach, the image was lacking context of the building in place which was difficult for the judges not familiar with the building.


All the other submissions are awarded a Merit

Leeds Metropolitan University

A disappointing low number of sketches were received this year from Leeds Metropolitan University, the ones received demonstrated a good use of sketching to record the feel and scale of place and exploration of the context.


Marco Possos Medellin,

Doncaster Mansion House,

The judges particularly liked the liveliness of the line work, the sense of depth and that the drawing, as a page from a note book a spur of the moment on the back of an envelop drawing. The foreground was over worked.  We hope that this drawing will form a large and comprehensive sketchbook.

Jose Antonio Rodriguez,

The Market, Leeds,

This sketch picked up the roof line of the market well, parts of the foreground required some editing  but the softness of touch and light line work set-off the perimeter of the drawing.


All the other submissions are awarded a Merit


A disappointingly low number of entries was received but with a broad range of subjects. The entries demonstrated a high level of observations skills and a range of current and historic topics.


Simon Warren,

Scale Lane Bridge, Hull,

This submission was an interesting drawings of the bridge to pick-up material and shape, there was simple elegant background lifework. The sketch demonstrated an excellent composition for the building and selected details.

Natalie Dosser,

The judges enjoyed the lightness of touch and playful technique and the on-the-spot which created a sketch that was alive.


All the other submissions are awarded a Merit


On behalf of the West Yorkshire Society of Architects, I would like to thank the visiting Judges for their time and enthusiasm, Mr Mark Larham WYSA for his efforts in promoting the Awards, the RIBA Yorkshire Office for their assistance in administering the awards, and of course, the students and architects who deserve our gratitude for their entries and the time it took for submission. I must thank all those who supported and encouraged the entrants.

The West Yorkshire Society is encouraged by the high level of response and standard of entries.. We intend to make these awards a yearly event. Once again, thank you all for your participation and support.

Entries may be seen at WYSA Facebook.


Thank You,

David Smith, RIBA, President WYSA 2013 – 2014.