• Dr Robert Felix, President of the WYSA
  • Mike Clarke, Interim RIBAYorkshireRegional Director
  • Clifford Stead, Artist, Member of theLeedsCivic Trust


The Denis Mason Jones Freehand Sketching Awards are intended to encourage the freehand sketching of buildings, urban spaces, interiors and details. It was noted that Denis’s work is unique and his gift was more than just depicting a building. In many cases, his work demonstrated an understanding of the context for building and human activities.

The judges were in common agreement that the submissions were of an excellent standard showing energy and enthusiasm. There was a good range of buildings and topics. Buildings were shown in context. There was a range of focus on details. The awards were made within the individual group submissions.

Judges considered: representation and communication of the subject matter; proof of skill; evidence of creativity and uniqueness; emotion or inherent meaning and joy and enjoyment.

Submission Groups

University of Huddersfield

These entries were of a consistently high standard with a mix of current and historic buildings depicting objects in space with an interesting use of colour. There is a high degree of engagement and enjoyment coupled with a high level of precise delineation.


The winner demonstrated an excellent composition for the building and selected details.

Congratulations to Radu-Constantin Chirila for Penny BankLeeds.


  • Vlad Georgescu:RogerStevensBuilding
  • Alex Malkin: Huddersfield Concert Hall


All the other submissions are awarded a Merit

University of Sheffield

These entries demonstrated a variety of styles, professional level technical skills and artistic skills, in some cases pushing the boundaries with modern interpretations.


The winner was a well observed architectural sketch using a delicate, refined pencil line that was presented clearly.

Congratulations to George Holland for his sketch of the formerBrettonHallCollegebuilding,YorkshireSculpturePark.


  • Alyson Dawn: Gentrification
  • Helen Berg:SheffieldTown Hall & PeaceGardens
  • Ben Rea: View From the Viaduct


All the other submissions are awarded a Merit

Leeds Metropolitan University

These entries demonstrated a good use of sketching for initial observations, a response to the nature of the subject and exploration of the context as part of a cohort.


The winner’s subject was well chosen showing the building in context with enthusiasm for the exploration and discoveries made.

Congratulations to Luke Hirst for Hand drawn sketches ofScarborough


  • David Hallam: The Grand,Scarborough
  • Michael Bland:ScarboroughLighthouse – Urban Borderline
  • Michael Powell: ForgottenVictoria,Scarborough


All the other submissions are awarded a Merit


These entries demonstrated: discipline; a high level of observations skills; a range of current and historic topics; the author’s enjoyment and clear professional communication of buildings and buildings in space.


The winner demonstrated a well chosen narrative and frames the subject into the future.

Congratulations to Stephen Dixon for his sketch of Trinity fromTrevelyan Square


  • Keith Drummond-Brassington (not attending): Round the back – Castle Howard
  • David Smith: Café in Meanwood
  • David Millard:YorkshireMiscellany


All the other submissions are awarded a Merit

Thank You

On behalf of the West Yorkshire Society of Architects, I would like to thank Ruth Donnelly for all her hard work in organising and administering the DMJ Awards Launch and the whole process of these awards. These are her successes for the WYSA and RIBA Yorkshire Region.

Of course, the students and architects deserve our gratitude for their entries and time it took for submission.

I must thank all those who supported and encouraged the entrants: lecturers, wives, partners and friends.

The West Yorkshire Society is encouraged by the high level of response and standards. We intend to make these awards a yearly event.

Once again, thank you all for your participation and support.

Entries may be seen at: DMJ Sketching Awards

The evenings photos may be seen at: WYSA Facebook

The launch: The Launch Evening


Robert Felix