Officers and Council

The Council shall consist of the President, the Past Presidents, up to two Vice Presidents, up to two Honorary Secretaries, the Honorary Treasurer, the Chairmen of the Branches, ten Fellows and five Associates.



  • Executive – Paula Jackman (Chair), Ruth Donnelly, David Smith and Mark Larham
  • Art and Literature (Bedford Scholarship) – David Millard (Chair), Stephen Calvert, Jaki Howes, David Smith, Ruth Donnelly, Gerry Bareham
  • Denis Mason Jones Sketching Awards – Ruth Donnelly (Chair), Paula Jackman, David Smith and Mark Larham


Life Members

Life members shall be persons of distinction whom the Society wish to honour.

Architectural members

Persons engaged of who intend to engage in the Practice of Architecture, divided into the following classes:

a) Fellows shall be shall be Architects who-

  • are over 30 years old and
  • have at least seven years experience

b) Associates shall be Architects or Architectsʼ Assistants who-

  • are over 21 years old and
  • have satisfied the council that they have completed a suitable course of training in architecture
  • upon reaching 30 and having at least seven years experience Associates will qualify to become Fellows

c) Students shall be Architectsʼ Assistants or Students of Architecture not eligible for the Associates class who have satisfied the Council that they have completed or are undergoing a suitable course of training in Architecture. Students will become Associates on qualification.

Non-architectural Members

a) Quantity Surveyors

b) Honorary Members – persons interested in the arts and sciences associated with Architecture

c) Subscribing Members – allied professionals not eligible as Architectural members, Quantity Surveyors or Honorary Members


Anyone wanting to become a member must be proposed by two Fellows, or nominated by the Council.